Orderstate 0.10

🆕 New order management

There a few improvements when you are creating a new order:

  • There is now one ID to fill out, and if you don't have one we will auto-generate one for you
  • Shipper and Customer fields are now available
  • Shipper is not a mandatory field
  • A public link gets generated by default
  • There are default new milestones to get you started

🙋‍♂️ Role management

We added better role management functionality in a few forms:

  • You can create orders with clear attribution of the Shipper and Customer roles. The Shipper and Customer have limited view rights
  • You can filter orders by different role you are in

🔗 Public view

You always had the option to send a shareable link to your customers. Now it is even better as:

  • When you add a company in your order in the customer field, they will see the public view (note: if they are also assigned on a milestone, they will have elevated rights as a Milestone assignee)
  • The view itself is slightly redesigned to provide all necessary info

🐛 Improvements and fixes

  • Better Sign Up process management in case the email domain is already in Orderstate
  • Better filtering and sorting of orders
  • Better notification management to avoid unnecessary notifications to some order participants
  • Better location management in company settings, with multiple orders per company
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