Orderstate 0.2.1

Today, we are excited to announce the launch of Orderstate v0.2.1. What changed:

Event history

Now you can see a list of the events that happen within an order, so that you know what happened, by who, and when.


You can now communicate with your colleagues and 3rd parties within Orderstate!

If a new comment is added, the order is marked as unread.

Other Bug fixes and Improvements

A few bugs have been fixed, such as:

  • 3rd party participants can also now see the order milestones, and still can only edit the ones they are assigned to
  • Signing up: you can now create a user inside the same company
  • Search by Order Id is improved
  • Sorting by Order Id is improved
  • Reset Password issues were resolved
  • Some bad formatting and spelling issues were resolved
  • UX Navigation Improvements: Clicking on the Orderstate logo on the home page now navigates to the orders list page.
  • UX Navigation Improvements: Hovering on the menu does not make fonts bold and create misalignments anymore
  • Order ID can now be changed after creation of the order.
  • Expected date and completed date of a milestone now both appear in the Order Detail Page.
  • Some pagination issues were resolved
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