Orderstate 0.3.0

We are excited to announce Orderstate 0.3.0. What’s new:

🤝 Network

We introduced a whole new section and functionality: Network. Now, you can manually select which companies you interact with and you can exchange orders and information.

Only the companies in your network can send and receive orders from you.

To add a new company in your network, click “Network”, “Add company”, search by email and click “Search” and finally “Add”.

What happened with your old orders? We have automatically added all your partner companies in your network for you! 🙌

🔎 Filters: Now you can filter your orders by status (Active or Delivered) and/or Date Created.

✉️ Emails notifications are now more descriptive and have more details on what changed

🌎 Navigation improvements: there are 2 new links on the Navbar for the main site (Orderstate.com) and for the Helpdesk

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