Orderstate 0.5.0

πŸ’Ύ The last few weeks we worked towards simplifying the order creation flow.

If you don't yet use our API connection capabilities (hint: get in touch if you'd like to connect your system with Orderstate automatically), you can just upload a CSV file into Orderstate.

What's more, you can export all your orders into a single CSV, for archiving and further analyzing. The export also serves as a template on how to import stuff.

Lets start by exporting - just click on export, confirm and boom, all your orders on your hard drive.

On import, there is a wizard to help you through:

The data will be validating against duplicates or errors, and you will get a confirmation on how many orders got imported.

πŸ› Finally, a few bugs where fixed: performance, milestones, maps etc. Most important is the pagination fix, as in some screens some orders were hidden if you added certain filters. Now you can always refresh and see all orders by clicking on the "xx more orders" button at the end of the page.

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