Orderstate 0.6.2

📎 Attachments - All shipping documents now live in Orderstate!

With the brand new attachment feature, you can upload the shipping documents (and any other relevant document you want to share with your team) right on Orderstate.

Say goodbye to keep searching emails and forwarding attachments to your colleagues!

⚙️ Account and Company settings

We improved the company configuration and autocomplete:

Now you have the option to edit the company address in the settings. What's more, that address is auto-populated in the milestone section so that you don't add twice 🎉

On the account front, you can now update your profile picture 🙍‍♂️🙎‍♀️:

📝 Comments and activity history

Comments and activity section were starting to become pretty lengthy. They are now shown in a slightly better way and paginated.

🐞 Issues and other improvements

Finally, we tackled a few issues:

  • There was an issue that deteriorated performance if you worked for too long on Orderstate. Not anymore, you can now track all the orders in the world!
  • Activity history for milestones is now much more accurate
  • A lot of functions (attachments, bulk import/export) are now being consumed more efficiently in the API
  • We fixed an issue where location and addresses were not populated correctly
  • We fixed an issue where some email notifications were only sent to the company admin not sent to all company users
  • Orderstate is only in English for now - we removed any references to multilingual support that might have confused you a couple of times
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