Orderstate 0.7.3

📘 Templates - create a new order, quickly

We all know some times the shipments you plan look very much alike - same shipper, same ports, same freight forwarders.

Now you can tackle this issue in 2 ways:

  • Create templates with your most common types of shipment (i.e. FCL import China, LCL export etc).
  • Go to an existing similar order, edit, and duplicate it.

✏️ Draft orders - take your time planning

Want to start putting an order together but not quite ready to publish it to your colleagues?

You can now save a draft version of it, so that you can finish it up later, send all notifications to collaborators and start monitoring the order.

🎳 Invite your teammates

Need some help from your team? A brand new Team space so that you can add and see all your team members and manage workload accordingly.

🤝 Invite you network

We improved the functionality of the Network of companies, in order to make invites better and clearer. Moreover, you now have better control of all your pending invitations.

📈 Fixes and improvements

  • Milestone status is now "Confirmed" instead of "In progress"
  • Better visibility in the activity history tab
  • Fixed an issue where some attachments were not uploading properly
  • An issue with some icons not showing is now fixed
  • Fixed some issues were sorting by created date was not working as expected
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