Orderstate 0.8

👩‍💼 User assignments

You can now assign each milestone to a specific user instead of only company. That make it easier to manage the workload and assign tasks in your team.

That means that your dashboard now shows by default only the orders that your are involved, and you can then choose if you want to change that to see the whole team's orders.

Shareable links are now better - you can either click on the link to directly open it up in a new tab, or copy the link to clipboard so you can paste it in an email or other means you use to communicate to your customers.

🐛 Fixes and improvements

A few things have been improved and fixed, such as:

  • Order details are now UI responsive on smaller screens
  • Order status has now a more clear wording (confirmed, unconfirmed, delayed, delivered)
  • The sequence of a new milestones is now handled better in the portal
  • Better mail management: we now use a dedicated mail server to ensure better deliverability to our emails
  • User sign up: there is better validation to avoid confusion with same user names
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